About me

Gijsbrecht is my name. I'm a very pasionate programmer and webdeveloper. I'm 18 years old and self-educated. My school career is inconsistent and I am what they call a 'drop-out'. It took much trouble and effort to continue my school career within the margins of the socially accepted views. I had no trouble whatsoever with learning itself, instead I suffered from the low pace and the absence of an optimized learning environment. My school attendence completely stopped at the start of the 4th grade gymnasium.

In the first grade of gymnasium I came in contact with Game Maker, for me this was the beginning of a fascination for programming. I wrote my first website from scratch in HTML and CSS at the age of thirteen. Within that year I had gained enough experience in PHP to be able to create dynamic applications. I used the last few years to get an advanced level of knowledge and experience in PHP. In 2013, for a few months, I was involved in the development of a web application for a start-up dedicated to digital eduaction.

Thereafter I expanded my knowledge in other languages. Some of these are Javascript, Java, Scala and Go. I've extended my Javascript knowledge with developing server-sided applications for the node.js platform. I've also built a few apps for the Android platform.

Currently I am learning C++ and extending my Scala and Go experience. I also have plans to start developing for iOS, so I'm looking into Objective-C and Swift as well.

January 2015